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Monday, May 9, 2016

Busy day in Pasadena

Spent Saturday in the Pasadena area with girlfriends. Visited our favorite shops in South Pasadena; Marz, Rue de Mimo and Koi. Koi was having a great sale so several of us picked up a few new outfits. Ate at Jody's favorite cafe, Cafe bread and everything is so fresh! Headed to Pasadena to Gold Bug on Union St. I had found the store when I was in Pasadena last month and vowed to return with this group of girlfriends whom I knew would be intrigued. I don't know how to describe the store; curiousity shop, taxidermy, John Derian plates, parlor cards and objects d'art. The shop windows featured several two foot tall taxidermy beavers...wearing crowns. I bought a baby doll head with a beak, what else?  Finished the day at Vroman's bookstore, a Pasadena fixture for 120 years. We were going to catch a movie but as is our usual luck with movies, it was no longer playing. I strongly suggest all these stores, a day's worth of entertainment even if you are just window shopping!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Urban Archaeology debuts at July Carson Show

Urban Archaeology, a company name that I created several years ago will be a new retail venture beginning with the July Carson show.  The Original Rubber Stamp Convention on July 9 & 10, 2016 will feature Artists' Tables for the first time since the Queen Mary "Queenfest." Approximately 8 or 10 "artists" will have tabletop displays of handmade jewelry, cards and other original merchandise in the atrium area of the Carson Community Center in conjunction with the rubber stamp convention.  I am looking forward to being a vendor again and am in the planning stages to add a very limited line of art rubber stamps to Urban Archaeology's line of one-of-a-kind paper ephemera, small antiques, vintage jewelry and more.  Follow my blog for a preview of the new stamp images, convention info and vintage treasures.  I'm back, baby.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Happy birthday to me.

Who knew I would still be here to celebrate this birthday? Feeling very thankful for friends and family whose positive energy and love give me strength! Happy to be alive!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

My life is art-directed.

I can't resist setting up vignettes for holidays and special occasions around our home. Years of setting up my rubber stamp store and convention displays have resulted in a large collection of props, some of which I cannot bear to part with. Locally, we have a store in South Pasadena, Koi, which has wonderful window displays. I would be happy to do nothing but display forever...