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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break

We went to Culver City on Tuesday to celebrate my birthday, again (Jody, Patrice and Judith). Jody has been there before and we were up for trying a new area. Lots of restaurants, a nice little Farmer's Market, a few shops, and a pretty good thrift store. We grazed through the Farmer's Market and decided to try UGO, an Italian restaurant. It was great! We had a wonderful waiter, Errol (as in Errol Flynn) who was an actor (imagine that in LA????????). Everything was good, especially the ginger and pomegranate martinis. Good thing Jody drove home. It's a fun little area, lots of art galleries, but not a lot happening on a Tuesday afternoon. Earlier in the day Jody took us by a great place in Long Beach that I'll mention. It's a shop that collects donated "scrap" and has lots of craft stuff. It's called The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse and the address is 320 Elm Ave. The owner's name is Lisa and she's very nice. Even if you don't need anything, if you want to get rid of stuff it's a good cause. I got 50 Piggly Wiggly zip-loc bags...They have classes for kids, some handmade stuff that's fun, and the merchandise changes daily. The phone is 562 437-9999. I think she's open Mon - Sat.

This spring vacation we've had weird weather; hot for a couple of days and overcast or drizzling the rest of the time. I"ve been working every day on school papers, reading and research so I have gotten a lot accomplished.

Sitting outside this afternoon enjoying the sun we had a swallowtail butterfly land on our bougainvillea, so I ran inside and grabbed my camera. I can't tell you the last time we had such a large, beautiful butterfly in the yard, so I've posted the photo.

Happy Easter everyone! We're having dinner with friends tonight, I'll be studying tomorrow, and back to school on Monday. Only about five more weeks of school, then summer (and math classes for me).

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