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Monday, May 18, 2009

Two final exams to go!

Our earthquake last night prompted me to post an entry -- it shook out the cobwebs. I can't believe it's been three weeks, sorry, but I've been swamped with schoolwork. I have high hopes for the summer; new stamp images, new sample boards, a new web site, reading, visiting museums (I have a long list), making time just to make stuff... In one of my classes we made an altered book about love. My group decided on a Victorian diary, but it had to be "ironic." The irony was that our diarist, Sylbil Grant, was schizophrenic! We each took a chapter and developed her split personalities; a Victorian lady, a prostitute, and mine, Jack the Ripper. It was fun and the diary turned out great! That's been the only "tactile" art experience I've had all semester but I plan to change that during the summer. The weather here is gorgeous, all our flowers are blooming and our cacti is covered with buds. It's so frustrating! They all bloom at the same time -- why can't they pace themselves... No more night visitors, probably because I put the throw pillows away now. I asked a few neighbors if they had seen a stray throw pillow in their yards, but I think it went with the raccoons to their lair. They must have a cush little hideout. More next week after finals are over -- then the studying begins for my math course...quote of the week: I AM NOT A STEREOTYPE (soon to be a rubber stamp). Be sure to visit the Carson show July 11 & 12. A group of us are planning to rendezvous at the show to meet up with our friend Lisa Rodriguez and check out what's new! Look me up on Saturday when you're there.

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