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Saturday, August 1, 2009

17th Stampaway for Carmen's Veranda

Only a few more days and it's off to Ohio for my 17th Stampaway convention. Lots of new images, and I'm bringing some Carmen "classics," that haven't made it to Stampaway in years...Mary Jo is teaching two classes on Friday and demonstrating in the Carmen's Veranda booth. We're in a great spot, upstairs in the lobby, and life is good. I decided to fly into Cincinnati this year -- previous years have taught me that if the weather is bad, the drive from Columbus to Blue Ash (even though it's cheaper to fly into Columbus) can be hazardous. Then there was the year of the great blackout on the East Coast. I landed at the Cleveland airport and everything was dark (airport bathrooms are REALLY dark when there's no power) and sat in the airport (no A/C) for 10 hours. By the time I got my flight to Columbus and drove to Blue Ash, I had about an hour to set up before the Friday night preview party. I'm too old for that kind of drama. Our other reason for flying into Columbus was to hit the antique stores in Waynesville and Lebanon on the way to and from the convention. Sadly, many of our favorite antique stores are gone -- I've found a few antique malls in the Cincinnati area online so I hope that we'll be able to hit a few on Thursday or Sunday. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Can't wait to see everyone! Looking forward to fried green tomatoes and a Cracker Barrel breakfast! Carmen's has a demo (Mary Jo, of course, not me...) on Saturday morning at 9:30 and MJ will be in the booth all weekend. If you didn't get into one of her classes, be sure to visit the booth to partake of her knowledge and creativity.

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