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Friday, October 23, 2009

An unexpected bump (lump) in the road

Well, here goes. I have breast cancer. I've already had surgery, had my first chemo treatment yesterday and will have a combination of chemo and radiation for the next year. I am doing November Carson on the 14th and 15th, "with a little help from my friends," so if you are planning to attend the show, come by and say hello (but no hugs, please). I'll be the one in the Carmen's Veranda booth with a hat. I'm a good patient and a good healer so this is an temporary inconvenience, not a change of lifestyle. I'm also planning to do Stampaway in Cincinnati next August, teach a class, and I've already spoken to Connie Williams about it. Most disappointing aspect of this is the interruption in my progress at Chapman University, but I can go back once this is behind me. Any of you who know me know what a control freak I am so one of my oldest friends, upon finding out about the cancer said, "you can't go anywhere, who will be in charge?" So I'm taking charge of my treatment (again with help from my husband and friends), but as for everything else, you're all on your own for a while. Keep a good thought and be sure to have your mammograms!!!!

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