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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ta Ta Chronicle Number 3, January 7, 2010

Published intermittently by Elaine Madrid.

Happy new year all, I'm still here.

I apologize if you did not get a Christmas card, I ran out of time and energy. I did, however, make a resolution to write more letters and notes to people this year and send out all the cards I've made or purchased over the years -- and that's HUNDREDS! Watch your mailboxes starting with Valentine's Day.

I'm halfway through chemotherapy and through with the nauseating drugs -- next are the drugs that make your face puff up. Had to have daily shots to beef up my white blood cell count and that seems to be working -- every day for a week right after chemo. Mike is giving me the shots -- he is a doctor, you know.

They told me that the effects of chemotherapy are cumulative, and the nausea certainly has been. Not bad first chemo; lasted a little longer second chemo; had "delayed nausea" third chemo, and really delayed nausea this time. Just got back to normal yesterday although my appetite wasn't affected. Just had to continue taking the anti-nausea meds and keep something in my stomach all the time. Guacamole with jalapenos seems to do the trick!

Things I've learned about having cancer:

Winter is the best time to go bald -- hats are de riguer in cold weather.
People tell me how well I look -- I must have looked like shit before...
People want to tell you about their cancer experiences, their friends' cancer experiences (unless someone died) to relate to what you're going through. It's OK, all information is helpful.
I hate pink.
I REALLY hate needles.
If you have a sense of humor about what's going on, it's contagious (in a good way).
People who you know love you are now telling you they love you more...
People who you didn't know loved you are telling you they love you.
You tell everyone you love them.
My friends and family are the best.
Cancer sucks.

If I lived to be 100 I could not feel more loved than I do now.


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