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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kemosabe has a whole new meaning

When my husband left for work this morning and I was getting ready to leave for my 7th "big" chemo session, his parting words to me were "good-bye chemosabe." I thought this was very clever and decided to look up the meaning of kemosabe (knowing that it was used by the Lone Ranger and Tonto). It means faithful scout or trusted friend. Tonto used the term kemosabe far more often than the Lone Ranger...but it is an Indian term so that makes perfect sense. Trusted friend who has your back in good times and bad, so I guess my husband is really the "chemosabe," and I'll remind him of that when he's giving me the shots to boost my white blood cell count for the next six days...thanks chemosabe, one more "big" chemo session to go...

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