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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another great Stampaway show!

I'm back from Ohio and had another great weekend at Stampaway.  Taught my fiber necklace class and was so happy that everyone completed the wrapping and made great progress on the embellishing.  Had fun as always with good friends, the Meadors, the Art Gone Wild bunch, Tim and Mario, Paula and Teresa, Ginny and John, Joni, Mark and Jeff, Connie, Judi-Kins, etc.  The theme for the Friday night event was "Super Heroes" and we wore our Super Hero capes around our waists (check out the photo).  Couldn't have done it or enjoyed it as much without Karen and Mary Jo...found a new restaurant that was good, our old favorite BBQ place was gone (no fried green tomatoes this trip), and we actually had the opportunity to sit down and eat a couple of meals with friends.  Lots of fun comments from customers about the new images and Anne and Sally's new samples.  My buttons were a big hit as was some of the "ephemera" and other knickknacks.  Found a new antique mall in Kentucky on the way to the airport (Florence Antique Mall) and hit the Duck Creek Antique Mall again.  Crazy weather as we expect; close to 100 degrees (and humid) and a thunderstorm on Saturday just as the show was closing.  Next year the convention center will have a whole new wing and we're looking forward to that.  The best show in the country; best attended, nicest customers, wonderful variety of vendors and teachers, and the organization is superb.  If you've never attended, mark your calendar for 2011 and start saving your money now.  Photos of the "high kickers" in their t-shirts and aprons, the huge crowd (you won't see a crowd like this at any other stamp convention), Mary Jo doing what she does best, and one of my most "satisfied" customers, Sandra.  Thanks Connie, it was great! 

As you can see by the photos, my hair is growing back (sort of a senior citizen Mia Farrow look) and it's straight !!!!!!! and gray...I'm doing great and appreciate all your positive energy and prayers!

Watch for samples created with the gouache paints that Mary Jo demonstrated at Stampaway.  12 tubes of gouache for $11.50 plus S/H and $7.50 for a package of 3 watercolor brushes.  Limited supply of gouache until the rest of the inventory returns from Ohio -- no watercolor brushes until the truck returns.  Email me if you'd like to reserve the paint or brushes (

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