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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Miss No Name: a history of the doll, Carmen's stamps and samples

I have a list of topics for the blog and "Little Miss No Name" was on the top...I remembered this doll from the 60's (never had one of my own) and a friend found the doll's head at a thrift store a few years ago.  She had apparently been a "bathtub baby," no body just matted hair.  I used to stick her head on the top of my paper towel holder at shows (which I used for shopping bags) but it freaked so many people out that I had to stop.  Karen decided that she would not be as frightening if we tied little bows in her hair, so we tried that and it "softened the blow" a little.  For Christmas one year I tied little red dingle balls onto her tufts of hair and she REALLY looked festive.  Since everyone was disgusted by her I really didn't think that a rubber stamp of her would "go" so I postponed doing one.  Then I decided, "what the hell," and I did her head in two sizes (matted hair and all).  I found a photo of her online, intact and did a stamp of her last year. Her original outfit was a burlap dress, plastic tear (although most dolls you find online at a decent price don't have the tear, it's extra...) and no shoes.  She has the Margaret Keane "big eyes" and a little pointed nose.  I think she was supposed to be something between a "waif" and a "beatnik" although Jody remembers another beatnik doll.  She certainly appealed to a small group and it's not surprising that she didn't last long on the market.  I've posted a couple of photos and samples made with the stamps of her.  The big head is $5, the little head is $2.50 and the image of her in her burlap dress is $5.  I'm not getting rich off this image, folks, but if you need something that's scary, cute and controversial, she's your girl!

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