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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Greetings from Chapman University's oldest 2011 graduate!

It’s been a long three years and while I’ve enjoyed almost every minute of my time at Chapman, I am happy to have my degree in Art History and move on with my life. People are asking me what I plan to do with my degree and my smart aleck responses have been either to “go back to work,” or “retire.” If I had wanted to further my career opportunities at this late stage of the game, I would not have pursued a degree in Art History, but as one of my favorite professors said when I told her why I was doing it, “it’s for your own nourishment,” and it has been.

My professors have been wonderful and all the kids I’ve had in class, done projects and studied with have been great and did NOT treat me like a senior citizen. I’ve learned so much about art history and anthropology that I had only “touched upon” in my own reading that I know that I’ll continue to read and frequent museums now that my formal education is over.

A huge “thank you” to Mike for creating this opportunity for me to return to school and get my degree. Thanks also to my entire family for their encouragement and a BIG “thank you” to my tutor, Matt, without whom I probably would not have passed Symbolic Logic. And thanks to my friends for tolerating me during the past three years as an “absentee” friend and for listening to my complaints about Symbolic Logic.

Look Mom, I finally did it -- I’m sorry you didn’t have this chance.
Look Dad, I finally did it -- so sorry neither of you were here to see it,
you both loved art so much.

Love and kisses from the oldest grad in Chapman University’s Class of 2011.

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