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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Heading for Vegas, baby!

Thelma and Louise have nothing on us.  We're leaving tomorrow for a quick trip to Las Vegas.  Staying at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and planning a few adventures.  We'll stop by Viva Las Vegastamps to see owner, Wayne Gartley.  VLV must be one of the last, biggest, best stamp stores in the country and it's always fun to visit with Wayne and experience the menagerie of dogs, cats and who knows what else.  Taking a tour of the Neon Museum on Saturday.  This is the graveyard where neon signs from closed and remodeled casinos and hotels are kept.  Apparently there are signs that have been restored and are functional, but also a huge number that are stored in an open area waiting to be rescued or scavenged.  Should be a great photo opportunity.  Plan to people watch at the Hard Rock Cafe, too.  It's the annual adult video awards show weekend at the hotel -- we shouldn't look too conspicuous in our jeans and t-shirts...another great photo op.  I'll try to keep it G-rated so I can post photos here.  Have the addresses of a few large antique malls in LV and thought about going to the pawn shop that's on Pawn Stars or Pawn Store wars...whichever...but figure that stuff is too high end for us.  Should be lots of Elvis memorabilia at the antique malls in Vegas, old stripper tassels, out-of-date tuxedos.  I bet I could fit into one of Sammy Davis Jr.'s old tuxedos...maybe not...he didn't have a butt.  Hope to see a show if we can get discount tickets; one of the Cirque de Soleil shows would be fun, I've never seen one.  Just a fun getaway with the girls (none of whom drink or gamble, except me, so it's an interesting choice of destinations) for a couple of days.  I've been saving my quarters only to find out that none of the casinos take coins except for maybe the 'clunk' of those coins hitting the tray.  Might play roulette a little and find a slot machine that pays off.  Will definitely try to find the best martini in Las Vegas to add to my list and people watch on the Strip.  Wish me luck!

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