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Monday, April 2, 2012

Museums at Balboa Park, San Diego

We are heading to Del Mar and San Diego for a couple of days at the end of the week for a little spring vacation getaway so I decided to google the museums in Balboa Park.  The last time we visited the area we saw a great show of  photos of Georgia O'Keeffe and other female artists at the Museum of Photography so I thought I'd check it out again.  There is an exhibit going on right now that I know many of you would be interested in.  It's Holly Roberts' "Unusual Suspects," and the link to her blog is:  Check it out.  I'm adding it to my favorite blog sites.  The Museum of Photography has a photo booth  --  time for a new strip of photos to chronicle our aging -- reminds me of the photo booth at the Fun Zone in Balboa in the 60's -- wish we still looked like THOSE photos.  At the Natural History Museum are several intriguing exhibits: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition; Best of Nature Photography Show; Skulls; Fossil Mysteries, to name a few.  A little culture, shopping and eating and two days respite from yard work, rubber pressing and cooking...

Another excellent Museum of Photography is the UCR site at the walking mall in downtown Riverside.  I reported on a show we saw there about 2 years ago, "Library of Dust."  I wrote a paper on the exhibit for my Art of Photography class at Chapman and now relatives of the inmates of the hospital have come forward to claim their remains featured in the exhibit.  Click on the link under "good blogs" (David Maisel) to read the story, about the exhibit.

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