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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Santa Barbara Getaway

Sorry for the large gap between posts.  Many doctor visits lately and I'm wiped out at night.  We did get away Easter weekend to the Santa Barbara Auto Camp.  Refurbished Airstream trailers with flat screen TV, cable and wi-fi.  Very cozy.  We dined out at several good restaurants, did not cook, and just relaxed and walked around.  There are 6 refurbished Airstreams in the campground, and it's right on De La Vina, one street over from State Street, way up the hill.  A little too far to walk downtown but we had no problem parking.  Some of our old favorite stores are gone; the Army Navy store and some of the funky thrift shops...but Saks Fifth Avenue and the Apple store have taken up the slack.  This would be a great spot for a family reunion or group vacation with everyone having their own Airstream!  I highly recommend it.


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