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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It's autumn in Southern California

It's autumn and for three of the four past years, autumn not only means falling leaves, but in my case, falling hair.  I don't know how it works out, but every autumn I am dealing with hair loss due to chemo or radiation and this year is no different.  Despite assurances that my hair would only "thin" with this new regimen of chemo, I felt the telltale tingle on my scalp last week and by the weekend my hair was definitely thinner.  Good thing I just had a haircut and ordered a No No!.  Still have lots of hats, berets, etc. but the headbands I've been wearing for the past few months are not going to do the trick.  At least the worst of the heat is over and no one is the wiser that anything is going on under my hats other than being stylish for fall.  Mike is ready to buzz it off again but I think I'll see how thin it gets before I take that drastic step.  It's not falling out in clumps, just wisps.  Hope the eyebrows and eyelashes don't go again, that's the worst.  I am NOT good at drawing in eyebrows and will have to take another lesson from Jennifer DeLacy.
Picked this up outside Kaiser hospital on La Palma this morning after bloodwork.  Not too many deciduous trees dropping leaves yet, but they had quite a few.  80 degrees today...

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