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Monday, March 17, 2014

Frida and Jackson Pollock together for the first time.

Two exhibitions in SoCal this spring; Frida's photos at MOLAA until June 8 and Jackson Pollock's "Mural" at the Getty Museum until June 1.   Love the photos of Frida by Tina Modotti (Ashley Judd in Salma Hayek's movie) and would love to see a Pollock up close and personal.  Had the opportunity to go to Pollock's studio (barn) in the summer of 2012 when I was visiting family in Massachusetts.  Had my tickets to the studio tour, a ticket on the ferry from Connecticut to Martha's Vineyard and a reservation at a hotel near the ferry - then I got an email from my doctor that freaked me out and I didn't feel comfortable driving up and down the east coast by this is the closest I'll get to the studio experience.  In the movie, "Pollock," directed by and starring Ed Harris, the urban legend is that Pollock painted "Mural" in one night because he had a commission deadline to product a piece of art for Peggy Guggenheim...this has since been debunked.  Having taken a seminar on Pollock at Chapman from one of the foremost authorities on him (Stephen Polcari) I would like to get up close and personal to see Pollock's representational imagery in "Mural."  ...and I just did a rubber stamp of Pollock (leaning against the wall as in the Life magazine 1949 article) and his famous line, "I am nature."  Won't sell many, but something I wanted to do...

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