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Friday, May 30, 2014

Pollock's "Mural" at the Getty inspires

No matter what you have heard or read about one of abstract expressionism's bad boys (weren't they all?) you cannot view Jackson Pollock's "Mural" up close and personal as we did yesterday and not be amazed.  At 8' x 20' the recently restored painting fills the display wall and the room with motion, color and life.  Painted in 1943 for art patron, Peggy Guggenheim, it is inconceivable that this immense piece resided in her Manhattan penthouse hallway for years.  It now belongs to the University of Iowa (Guggenheim donated it to them so that mid-westerners also had access to great works of art, not just New Yorkers) and since 2012 the Getty has been restoring the painting; cleaning and removing a layer of varnish and building new stretch bars for this slightly sagging masterpiece.  It has only been available for public viewing for 4 weeks, ending this weekend, and I didn't think I would make it in time, but my friend, Elaine Dee, agreed to accompany me, and she is a pro at negotiating the LA rush hour traffic and side streets.  Nothing better than to see one of modern art's masterpieces in the wonderful hilltop setting of the Getty.  FYI, $15 per car to park, free admission.  The gardens alone are worth seeing.  Saw another show at the Fullerton Museum Center with friend, Bonnie.  Right up my alley...big eyed portraits a la Margaret Keane and contemporary artists influenced by her.  Still running until July 27, "Melancholy Menagerie: A Gaze Into The World of Big Eyes" is a small show, but fun.  Hit Rutabegorz for lunch and it's a great day. I have had my art nourishment for a while...

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