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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Welcome Truman!

We rescued a little dog from the OC Animal Shelter about 2 weeks ago.  He is not the female dachshund we intended but he is a cute, little guy that has made our lives better.  We think  he is a Jack Russell/Cairn Terrier mix and he is 15 lbs and 2 years old.  He is learning fast and  my husband has him on a routine of eating, walking, pooping, etc.  He seems to like his new home and he loves people and attention.  He is smart; he figured out how to squeeze through the fence around his "living area" on the first day.  He shows us a little more of his personality every day and is very entertaining and loving.  He has only barked a couple of times and is pretty happy to sun  himself in the morning and lie in the shade in the afternoon waiting for someone to pay attention to him.  With Mike retired (working one day) and me working only one day a week, someone is around almost every day to pay attention to him.  We are very lucky that he has turned out to be such a good choice.  It was heartbreaking to visit the Animal Shelter and see all the chihuahua mixes and pit bulls that won't be as lucky as Truman to find a loving home.  He is named Truman after Truman Capote, a little guy with white hair and a big attitude!

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