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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Iris Apfel, One of a kind!

Went to LACMA last night with friend, Jody, to see a documentary on Iris Apfel, businesswoman, designer and style icon.  Did not realize she would actually be there but the last half hour was a panel discussion with the film makers and Iris answering questions.  She was stunning in a gray leather dress and boots, accessorized with giant Tibetan and Chinese metal necklaces and bracelets.  And she is 93! Style knows no age!  She and her husband worked in interior design for years and eventually started their own textile company when she would design fabric and not be able to find it.  She has been a model, fashion consultant, merchandiser, stylist and and has rooms of clothing that she is now in the process of donating to the Peabody Museum in Boston.  Early in her life, she was told that she was not pretty, would never be pretty, but that she had STYLE.  In my opinion, her kind of style is preferable to pretty, which she reminded us, does not last.  Her 100-year old husband Carl wholeheartedly agrees that she is fabulous! Check out her unvelievable clothing, accessories, and wonderful style online.  We agreed  that LACMA missed the boat on merchandising opportunities...not a single book, postcard, pin or facsimiles of her huge glasses were to be found in the museum gift shop.  They could have cleaned up!  The audiences' idea of mimicking Iris' style fell flat; a few fun outfits, big glasses, etc.  You have to be 93 and have cultivated your personal style for over 70 years to be as put together as she is.

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