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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Now it's a collection of 2

I found a small megaphone at the Long  Beach Vet's swap meet a few months ago.  It is the red and white one that says Roos Bros. When we are watching TV we are sitting about 10 feet apart and sometimes can't hear each other well over the noise of the TV, so I thought this would be a cheap hearing aid and unique.  Then last week in Long Beach I found the red and gold megaphone (same size)  that says Desmond's, a store name that I recognized, so decided to do some research on them.  Roos Bros was a large department store in the San Francisco area, started in the mid-1800's and of course Desmond's was a local men's store that was very popular in the 50's and 60's. The megaphones were promotional items distributed for Berkeley and Stanford's football season by Roos Bros and Desmond issued theirs for UCLA and USC, thus the cardinal and white and maroon and gold.  I had never noticed these in my years of antique shopping, but found both in Long Beach in the past year...I have to think that someone else who collected them is breaking up their sports memorabilia collection.  They will eventually be added to our boxing memorabilia but for now we each have one handy for conversations during Jeopardy.

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