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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crash and burn redux

Since my last post on August 21 my hard drive took a dump, and with it, the majority of my favorite photos. Fortunately, my friends have some of the same photos, but their photos are of me with the scenery, mine were of them with the scenery. Let that be a lesson to you -- back up your important files. I've had my laptop for more than 4 years and have used it more in the last month than in the 4 previous years combined. Good news -- I had not started classes at Chapman so I did not lose any notes or drafts of papers.

Two weeks into the first semester. Lots of reading, papers, and presentations, already. Had a setback with my math situation and am scrambling to take several "remedial" algebra classes so as not to delay progress toward my degree. Administrative red tape! And is school ever different with laptops, internet access in the library, and who are all these smart alecky 18 year olds zipping around campus on bikes and skateboards? More good news for me! I have not worn anything but t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops for 2 weeks. I did spend a day at work this past Friday and I wore "business casual" clothing. Why did I throw away all my knee highs? I need at least one pair for work, every other week.

No improvement on the vulcanizer front. It also crashed and burned right before Stampaway. Do I detect a pattern here? I have to get someone out to look at it before I order any parts. The manufacturer actually recommended that I ship the vulcanizer to them -- they are in Ohio -- and the vulcanizer weighs, oh, more than 300 pounds! I might as well buy a new vulcanizer with what shipping would cost -- both ways. Good thing I didn't sign up for any shows this fall!

Sad news, Eileen Larson, co-owner of Heirloom Productions with her husband Pat, passed away about two weeks ago. She fought the good fight against her illness for many years and was an inspiration to one of my best friends who passed away a week after Eileen. If you knew Eileen, please drop a line to her husband Pat and their son, Bradley. I am sure they would appreciate hearing from their friends in the stamping world. You can visit their web site for the address or google Heirloom Productions. They are in Newport, Oregon.

When my friend was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October, I told her about Eileen's determination and optimism over many years of cancer treatment and how we all marveled at her ability to keep bouncing back. We wanted to give my friend hope and strength through Eileen's example, and she was always upbeat, but her poor body just could not cope with the continual setbacks and she passed away peacefully with her husband and daughter by her side on the Friday before Labor Day. Carpe diem.

I am still planning to post the new stamp images (big, beautiful women and more) -- I will have them in stock when I pick up my boxes from Judi-Kins in the next week or two. I'll be posting some Halloween and Christmas favorite images and samples as soon as I know that I can deliver them -- and that means the vulcanizer has to be up and running.

One more note: I am moving out of the shop in Fullerton, Saltwater Designs. Too many projects and commitments pulling me in too many directions. Loved having my "stuff" in there, but I didn't have time to do it justice. Thanks to all of you who supported this effort by attending our open house and by dropping by to shop -- it was fun while it lasted!

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