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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celebrating the Big 6-0 this week

We saw Stacy Phillip's work at the Coda gallery in NYC several years ago. I had great photos of her "dress" of faces and roses (with the gallery owner's permission) but lost them when my hard drive crashed. Just happened to google Coda Gallery (there are several, including one in the Palm Springs area) and found a link to her web site which I've included. Wonderful sculpture and the ceramic dress was amazing: life-sized, off-white, very dimensional faces and roses. Hope to find a larger version of the photo on the site to commemorate our trip. The sun is shining here and the local mountains are covered with snow. Leaving for school in an hour for 3 classes today. Saturday I'm going to Disneyland with Karen M. It's free on your birthday!
"Elaine Madrid, you've just turned 60 years old, what are you going to do?"...................I'm going to Disneyland........... Haven't been in many years (and I live 5 miles away) so I just want to walk around and see what's new and what's changed. Have to see the new and improved Small World. Good memories of making out in that ride during Grad Nite, otherwise it was annoying...I'll take some photos. Maybe I'll get Mickey (or Minnie) Mouse ears embroidered with "Carmen."

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