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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is the OC a great place to live, or what?

We decided to drive to Newport Beach on the spur of the moment to have dinner at Charlie Chili's which is right next to the Newport Pier. We've been going to CC for almost 40 years and have some great memories of friends, meals and hanging out. On a Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm there is no traffic between my house and the beach. We got there in less than half an hour, found a place to park near the pier, and got right in. On the drive down we noticed that there was snow on Saddleback Mountain. Mountain is not exactly accurate. It's a big hill near Anaheim Hills, Orange, Villa Park, etc. that backs up to Corona and it RARELY has snow. We got so much rain this week, and it was so cold, that Saddleback got a dusting. When we finished our meal (chili size) the sun was just setting and you could see Catalina Island as clear as anything. We walked out to the end of the pier and I took a couple of photos. Check out the view and my husband in front of Charlie's. We can drive 30 minutes and get to the beach, an hour to the mountains or the desert, an hour and a half to Mexico, Santa Barbara or Palm Springs. All the complaining about traffic, etc. sort of pales in comparison to what opportunities we have so close by...and 5 miles from Disneyland (where I'm going this week on my birthday, free)...and great news!!! Our good friend Keely (Barham) Benkey is engaged to a wonderful guy, Marty. I couldn't be happier and I wish them years of love and friendship.

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