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Monday, February 2, 2009

Santa Barbara weekend

Santa Barbara was gorgeous this weekend. When we planned our getaway we did not know that the Santa Barbara Film Festival was in full swing, but it didn't seem to matter. Visited several great places; Bocage (trim, buttons, charms, etc.), Lewis and Clark on State Street and Art from Scrap. Had good food at Super Rica, Brophy Brothers, Andersen's Bakery for breakfast and Bucatini for dinner with my friend Susan from high school. Hit a few thrift stores, shops on State street, Barnes & Noble and just took it easy. Bocage is a wonderful studio and to visit you must make an appointment with Stephanie, but it's certainly worth the trouble. To see her "wares" visit her web site on my web links. The drive from LA was an amazingly clear day -- the Channel Islands looked like they were right next to Highway 101. No Mickey Rourke sightings but lots of support for him in the local press after his honors at the film festival. Could tell the "movie" folk from the locals and tourists -- all black clothing in 80 degree temps. Just a great place to people watch, drive through the neighborhoods and along the beach to appreciate the scenery and architecture. Not long starts this morning.

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