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Friday, January 29, 2010

Old friends at CHA

Attended the Winter CHA show on Monday. Tagged along with Mary Jo while she shopped for her stores in Idaho and we looked for product to demo at Stampaway in August. Saw lots of old friends; Connie Williams, Beckah Krahula, Mary O'Neil, Sue Gilman, Tim Holtz, Mario, Karen, Rob and Judi, Ted and Michelle, Harry and Colleen, and many more. The show was smaller than usual but vendors still had lots of new products and ideas. Traditional crafts seem to be holding strong; quilting, knitting, etc. but there were not as many ribbon, button or scrapbook paper suppliers as previous years. By noontime the crowd was respectable and people were placing their orders after "shopping" on Sunday. Hope the vendors did well and that they enjoyed a few days of California sunshine after the week of torrential rain we had last week.

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