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Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting ready for one of my favorite stamp shows of the year -- Albuquerque

February 27th and 28th the Albuquerque Rubber Stamp Event is returning to the New Mexico Fairgrounds and so am I. I love this show -- it's small, but the customers are wonderful, they love my day of the dead images and there is so much to see in Albuquerque, especially in the great little Nob Hill area (Mariposa Gallery, etc.) and it's an easy show to get to and from. Doubt that we'll get to Santa Fe, but it's a fun weekend anyway. Taking Jody and Patrice for "muscle and moral support" and my friend Harry is driving and taking two of my heavier boxes so I don't have to schlep those onto the plane. Flying Southwest so we can each check two bags free and that's a big help. Doing a more lesiurely schedule -- flying on Thursday evening, set up on Friday, show on Saturday and Sunday and fly home on Monday. At least we have some breathing room and can relax and have some nice dinners, visit with friends, Jennifer, Paula and Teresa, etc. and do a little thrift store and gallery window shopping. Just in time for this show I finished a new plate of the BIG LETTER postcards for New Mexico which I've been promising customers for years. Also did a Hopi style owl in two sizes, a small version of my skeleton shrine (big request from customers) and am bringing about a couple dozen other new stamps that have been introduced since last spring's show. Oh, and did a new Edgar Allen Poe which is perfect with the crows I introduced at last year's show. I am really looking forward to this little getaway and it comes at the perfect time between chemo treatments so that I can enjoy it. Hope all our New Mexico customers will come to the show -- rain, snow or shine -- check out the link to the show under my "web sites of interest" as the Albuquerque stamp show. See you in two weeks, can't wait!

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