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Friday, April 30, 2010

Nude, food and tattooed

Whenever I thought about getting a tattoo I envisioned something small, discreet, out of sight -- maybe a name, quote, initials, etc...but NO, I now have 6 tattooed "dots" around my right breast and on my chin in preparation for my radiation treatment which starts May 17.  I told my husband that I wanted the initials B.A. tattooed on my butt when I finish my B.A. (Bachelor of Arts, not what you think), but I had been having second thoughts about that...then I thought I might like a nice big pair of wings on my back, just in case there's any doubt on where I'm going when I leave...but that's too melodramatic.  So Shawn, the radiation technician, made up my mind for me.  I'd like to think of my newly acquired "freckles" as stars in a new constellation which, if you connect them, create a picture of my old breast, the larger, fuller, 36D one without the scar...what's Latin for breast?

Did I mention that the drug I have to take for a year (herceptin) makes you gain weight?  I managed to keep it to 5 lbs, particularly when I couldn't taste anything, but it's crept up a little in the past month...oh well, I have all summer to walk it off.  Food still doesn't taste great but it's getting better...the downside is that people expect me to be wasting away and are shocked when I appear "robust."  I'm getting to hate that word...

And finally, I haven't had so many men interested in my breasts since high school.  Every time I have an appointment I have to flash 'em and during radiation I'll be laying on my back with my arms akimbo while they blast 'em with x-radiation.  I'm getting to the point where I'm asking complete strangers if they want to see 'em...In high school boys just wanted to know they were there and that they were real; they didn't quite know what to do with them, but they did look pretty good holding up a corsage on a prom dress.  Now the interest in my breasts is all clinical -- I miss the good old days...

Nude, food and tattooed. 

Maybe that's what I should tattoo on my butt...that about covers my life right now.  Then I'd have to flash my butt...

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