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Friday, June 18, 2010

Thrifty shopping for summer duds

I have a $75 gift certificate to Nordstroms burning a hole in my pocket so after radiation on Tuesday I stopped at the Brea Mall to see what's "new" for summer.  I also recently purchased a copy of InStyle and perused some of the fashion magazines at work to see what's hot for summer, so I wanted to see how far my $75 would go -- it barely got me in the door.  Nautical colors and themes seem to be popular, t-shirts and blouses with beading, rhinestones and shells were right up there.  White blazers and linen were everywhere (including on Sarah J.P. in the magazines) and the strappy leather gladiator sandals are still a sure bet (have mine from last year).  I also need a couple of silk scarves to get me through the last couple of weeks of "patchy hair" before I move on to headbands so looked in the scarf/headband/barrette department for some ideas...

The only scarves were florals and there were 4 -- I need solid colors or a small print or I wind up wearing solid color clothes just so my scarves don't clash.  I can't get beyond wearing two prints -- it upsets the laws of nature.
The cheapest beaded t-shirt was $78, the linen dress I liked was $220 and the oversized tunic t-shirt was $198. $75 just doesn't go as far as it used to...

So, after my radiation treatment yesterday I stopped at a thrift store that Patrice and I visited a couple of weeks ago in Pomona.  It's on Holt Ave. near Central and it's called Great Deals Thrift Store.  For $46.85 I found the following:  a brand-new white pique blazer in my size (tags still on) for $9.98; two banadanas ($.55 each) and scarf ($.98); a brand-new coral sweater with shells around the neck and down the front ($3.98); a white linen blouse from Nordstroms (broken in and soft); two sleeveless blouses and a Liz Claiborne floral blouse; 2 hats; two pairs of linen pants which match some other linen pieces I already have, as well as some yarn, some beads, and a couple of Tommy Hilfinger table runners that are perfect for a friend.

I guess my days of shopping at Nordstrom are over; I have had better luck at Target, thrift stores and boutiques finding reasonable, cute, stylish clothes that I don't feel guilty about wearing for just one season (or a year) --shopping at the thrift store (or consignment stores) is "recycling," and it's usually to support a good cause...sometimes you make mistakes and when you get something home you find a stain or that it doesn't fit or loook as good as you'd hoped...but then it goes into the bag to donate to another charity or thrift store.  But more than anything, it satisifies that "thrill of the hunt."  I can't tell you what incredible things we've found in thrift stores -- nothing worth a fortune, but certainly many things that we needed or perfect for someone else, and this society is so wasteful that many times the items and like new or brand-new, never been used or worn...

We are very fortunate in California to have so many generous people who donate to thrift stores and so many people with $$$$ who donate great stuff.  I've been to thrift stores in other parts of the country (one of our usual stops when we travel are the local thrift stores) and California's are hands-down the BEST!

That's all.  I'm going to post some of my favorite thrift stores in SoCal, but have to leave for radiation therapy right now.  Only 9 more radiation treatments!  Yay!

Have a great Father's Day weekend.  Yay Lakers!

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