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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Glitterfest was HOT! HOT! HOT!

Yesterday was my second experience with Glitterfest.  Last May I introduced my fiber necklaces at the show so for the fall show Anne (Garcia) made glittery Halloween ornaments with my big Halloween stamp images and  I took rubber stamps mounted on acrylic to the show because I knew that most of the customers would not know what to do with unmounted rubber.  Wow, what a turnout.  It was PACKED with people and we had another scorching, hot day (and humid, to boot).  The heat didn't seem to discourage many people and it was very busy until mid-afternoon.  What a great selection of jewelry, dolls, and other handmade works of art.  Sometimes it's a good thing to be stuck in your booth -- I'm sure I would have bought many things that I saw and loved, but really don't need.  I traded with several vendors (that's always a good way to get what you want) and have a wonderful new necklace from Bridget Antonelli.  Made lots of good contacts for future wholesale and other boutiques and "spread the joy" of rubber stamping to many new people. I was able to prepare for the show and do a dry run of sertting up the booth at my new space in Anaheim.   I am excited about having a new space although haven't had much time to spruce it up with school and these back to back shows -- then I visited Teesha Moore's blog and saw her "artfest annex" and am inspired to decorate my space.  Mine certainly won't be as artistic as Teesha's but I have plenty of stuff to "crap it up" to my including some photos of my Glitterfest booth, the glittery ornaments and my "scary doll head" and kewpie.  I could have sold that scary doll head a dozen times -- eat your heart out Tim - I'll never sell this doll head -- NEVER, NEVER, NEVER.

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