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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Enough bad news for one year and it's only Jan. 5 for crying out loud!

OK.  I'm already sick of bad news.  People dying, pets dying, health issues, money worries...I thought it was going to be a great NEW year and it's already very depressing.  To top if off, I made the mistake of opening up the textbook for my Symbolic Logic class that starts the end of the month and THAT gave me a stomach ache.  Anyone know a tutor?  I ordered all my textbooks online and was so excited to begin receiving a book a day on Jackson Pollock, the Virgin of Guadalupe; then the Symbolic Logic book showed up and WHAMO! burst that bubble.  This will be the biggest challenge of my return to school and I HAVE to get through it this semester to graduate in May.  Thank goodness my schedule is Mon, Wed and Fri and I have two full days (apart from working one of them) to study and/or work with a tutor.  Math is just a different language for me and as easily as I pick up foreign languages, math is one language that eludes me...I hope this instructor goes slowly.  We have one hour classes Mon Wed and Fri mornings so I'll have to identify the "bright" students in the class and bribe them with something to help me out.  Food probably, or cash...any suggestions would be appreciated.

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