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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I have changed my mind about crows, and birds in general

When I had breast cancer the first time (in 2009 and 10) my friends Jody and Patrice accompanied me to New Mexico to help me do the Albuquerque rubber stamp convention.  We shopped in downtown Albuquerque near the cathedral and one of the shops in that area had fetishes.  The woman who sold Patrice the fetish of a  crow which wound up being a birthday present, told us that the crow is a healing symbol and that's what I needed at the time.  That crow started the ball rolling on my crow and raven  collecting.  You can see my collection and lots of original artwork featuring crows and birds on Pinterest on my crows and birds board.  It is under my name, Elaine Madrid, or Dada's Mama.  These are just two examples of friendlier crows that don't steal other birds' babies....

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