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Sunday, September 1, 2013

You know it's a good meal if you wind up with wine in your underpants

Since I am being catered to while recovering from surgery, I chose steak and potatoes for dinner tonight.  One of the glasses of wine was spilled and in the cleanup process I leaned into a puddle of wine that soaked through to my underwear...can't say that I am a dull dinner date.  Took a photo of the stitched area before they remove the stitches this Thursday.  The hair is coming back again and should be an unusual style in a month or so. Thanks to Mike for taking care of me in "sickness and in health" 44 years on Aug 23.  My friends who waited through the surgery and visited me in the hospital and have been babysitting me at home so I do not overdo.  Lots of cards, flowers, and toys.  Glad I am feeling pretty well and will be ready to spend time with my sister when she arrives for a visit.  Much love and thanks!

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