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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

50+ years of friendship

Mini reunion in Denver this past weekend.  L to R: moi, Carol McGavack Apodaca, Bevan Swenson Alexander and Candace Evans Wengert.  Carol and Candy have been friends since 6th grade, the rest of us since 1963.  Had a great weekend; girl talk, a few museums, a Rockies game, the Denver Botanical Garden, a couple of nights at a wonderful hotel in downtown Denver and this photo from our fancy dinner at Morton's (Bevan had a generous gift card).  This is our third get-together in 5 years and we're trying for once a year in the future.  Carol and Candy live in Colorado so Bevan and I travel to them, but we're hoping to get them here next time.  Maybe my 50th reunion or theirs?  Morton's really took care of us: they had personalized menus for us, "50 years of friendship" and took this photo and gave us each a commemorative photo in a folder that the staff had signed...and a free dessert.  Of course we would not have eaten there without the gift card, but what a treat!

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