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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I want my own boat!

 After a particularly great November Carson show with Museum of Modern Rubber in the early 90's, a group of us went to dinner after the show to a Japanese restaurant on Carson Blvd.  I am reminded of this because the convention is this weekend.  This was in the good old days of stamp conventions and were were feeling (at least I was) very flushed with our earnings.  I don't go to many Japanese restaurants so when I saw a "boat'" of food pictured on the menu (photo was probably 2x2") very nicely displayed with a variety of items, I wanted it even though it was very pricey.  Members of the group tried to dissuade me saying it was enormous and more than I could ever eat.  My mother had helped at the show so I reluctantly agreed to share it with her...when it arrived it was 2' long and 18" high...I have never lived this down and had to do a stamp to commemorate the experience.  When people would see the stamp in a grab bag or used on a sample they could not understand why in the world  would do such an obscure had to be there.

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